mardi 16 octobre 2007

PRISON BREAK assignment 4

Me and the crew we kept planning the escape. I told all the guys to clean up their cells, so that we would get rid of our smell. I asked sucre’s cousin to find new uniform for the escape. I needed some more time to get Lincoln to the infirmary. I called the escape for tonight because Bellick found out about the escape. I most have the keys to the infirmary so I told Sara about the escape. I locked up Pope and his closet when I visited him in his office. When it was time for the escape, me and the crew met my brother at the infirmary, so that we could all escape together.

mercredi 10 octobre 2007

PRISON BREAK assignement 1

I chose this TV show because I heard good comments about it and someone recommended it to me. I now watch it every time I have the opportunity to and I can’t stop watching it. The action and the suspense of this show are really exciting and make me want to watch more every night. I watch it in English because it makes me practice my English at the same time. The story starts when Lincoln Burrows the brother of Michael Scofield is wrongly accused of killing Terrence Steadman, the brother of the Vice President of the United states of America, Caroline Reynolds. For this reason, Michael commits a crime to get into the jail where his brother is. Michael has the plan of the prison tattooed on his body to escape with his brother to Mexico. Numerous complications will make the story much more exciting and the way the actors play the roles make it so realistic.

PRISON BREAK assignment 2

Michael Scofield and the other prisoners dug a hole in the floor to escape. But, Bellick tried hard to intercept Michael all the time. John Abruzzi was seriously injured by T-bag when Abruzzi tried to kill him. Finally Abruzzi came back to the Fox River Penitentiary and he helped the group to finish the escape plan. Avocadro cut Michael's big toe, and, in the infirmary, he met the nurse Sara Tancredi. She’s the daughter of the governer of the United States, and he played a very important role during the episode.